"Unwanted" is the story of those who dream beyond the difficult circumstances life dealt them — a modern take on the age-old adoption narrative. The choir is transformed into a group of young people without families to call their own, living together and trying to imagine a bright future. The show transitions from an opening look at the gritty reality the teens face to a joyful, high-energy journey through what they hope for: becoming an athlete, a programmer, a doctor...or simply finding a loving home to call their own. Through exploring each others' ambitions and aspirations, they build a community of support for each other that can weather even the toughest storms. Featuring musical genres from rock to contemporary pop to theater, built-in transitions, plenty of solos, and high-octane dance breaks, "Unwanted" is a great showcase that tells a story with heart. Composed by Ben Wexler, winner of 2019’s Jonathan Larson Award for musical theater writing, who will provide an hour of free edits and a phone consultation with your purchase of the full show.

Running time: 15:35

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