How do I purchase an arrangement?

Simply login and add the arrangement to your shopping cart. Complete the checkout process choosing "invoice" or "credit card" for payment.

How will I receive the arrangement?

During the checkout process, you will have the option to choose to edelivery (credit card or verified current customers only), to have a hard copy mailed to you (shipping charge extra), or both.

When will I receive the arrangement?

If you choose to have a hard copy mailed to you - you will receive it by first class mail. For verified current customers, it will be shipped no later than the day after your order is placed. For new customers please note that if you are not a verified school employee, your order will not be shipped until funds are first received.

Do you offer returns/refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer returns or refunds. Please be sure that you are certain of your purchase before completing your order. You can do this by examining the preview vocal score, sound file, instrumentation list, and asking any other relevant questions about the chart before your purchase.

What about making copies?

With your purchase, you are authorized to make as many copies as needed for use by your performing group. You are not authorized to distribute copies to give away, share, or sell the arrangement to other groups.

Are these arrangements legal and copyright protected?

All arrangements sold in our catalog are "stock arrangements" properly licensed by their copyright owners. You will find the appropriate copyright documentation on the bottom of the first page of every score.

Do I need to obtain a 'custom arrangement license' for an arrangement purchased from your catalog?

No, you do not need to obtain a 'custom arrangement license' or do any further licensing when purchasing a stock arrangement from our catalog or any other music publisher's catalog.

Can I have the key changed?

Yes, upon request we will change the key and deliver new scores at NO additional charge. We are NOT able to ensure range accuracy in the new key.

Can you revoice a chart?

Yes, we can revoice any chart upon request for NO additional charge.

Can you transpose or revoice existing brass parts for my specific brass combo?

Yes, upon request we will transpose and/or revoice existing brass parts to match your exact combo instrumentation at NO additional charge. We are NOT able to ensure range accuracy in the new key.

What about other changes or score revisions?

Other than key changes, vocal revoices, and brass transpositions, we are not able to offer any other score revisions. You as director may edit or simplify the score to accommodate the needs of your students and your show as long as the fundamental character of the work is not distorted. For more information on what alterations might be permissible, refer to the US Department of Education's copyright policy for schools found at this link: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: ADOPTABLE COPYRIGHT POLICY (Scroll to: Fair-Use Guidelines for Music, letter D)

Can I post the music online for my students?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to post any scores online for your students (or anyone else) to freely access.

Can I find out if another group is using an arrangement in competition?

Yes! During the checkout process, you will be prompted to indicate whether a piece will be used in competition. This information will be available if needed simply by email request. Of course, the honor system is used, so please be sure to be completely accurate when providing competition info. cannot be responsible for inaccurate information given.

How can I obtain exclusive competition rights for an arrangement?

If you would like exclusive performance rights to an arrangement for the competition season, you may purchase a "buyout" of that chart. No further sales to any competing group will be made until March 1st of the next year. Buyouts are available at the regional and national level. Regional buyouts, available at 3 times the purchase price, will end all sales to competing groups in your region (Midwest, South, East, West). National buyouts, available at 6 times the purchase price, will end all sales to competing groups in the entire United States.

How can I contact you with other questions?

The best way to reach us with a question is by email. All emails are answered as quickly as possible, within the same day received. For complete contact info, click "contact" at the top menu bar.