The marvel of flight has captivated humans for thousands of years--from the Greek myth of Icarus to the rapid technological advancements of the 20th century imagined by Leonardo Da Vinci and realized by the Wright brothers. The songs in this show loosely tell a story of a person who is trying to escape their current painful situation (Wings of Despair). After flying much too high in their desperate need for escape (Higher), they fall to the ground. It's devastating, but the failure brings a peace that allows room for awakening and clarity (Flying). They ask for strength and help (Broken Wings) and the inner confidence to face the future and begin again is found (Not The End/Fly Again).

Running Time: 15:35

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Wings of Despair $295
Higher $295
Flying $350
Broken Wings $295
Not The End/Fly Again $295
Discount $155
Total $1375
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