During this 4 hour in-person clinic, Anita Cracauer of ShowChoirStock.com will prepare your group for their first competition experience of the season. The clinic will focus on cleaning/optimizing vocal arrangements, fine-tuning vocal performance for musicality and expression in order to heighten connection, and discussion of the competition experience from a performer’s perspective and from a judge’s perspective. With 3 years of full time teaching/directing and more than 20 years of vocal/instrumental arranging and competition judging, Anita will give your group a fresh voice with a lot of wisdom and experience to share.

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"Anita's professional insight and expertise was apparent from the moment our workshop began. My students really enjoyed her energetic physical and vocal warmups. It was clear that Anita had prepared a scaffolded experience with exercises that would directly prepare singers for the work we would do in the repertoire. Anita focused on vocal clean-up and came prepared with ideas as to how we could improve all of our songs. She worked on word stress, style techniques, breath capacity, and performing with intent. Another helpful part of the workshop was the time she took to go through a competition scoresheet and describe each category from a judge's perspective. As this is our first year of competition, my students learned a lot about how they will be evaluated and what to focus on. The lighthearted energy and positive vibes that Anita brought were welcomed and we had a wonderful time. Do not hesitate to book a workshop with Anita for your choir- the experience was invaluable!"

—Kate Burns, Natick High School, Natick, MA