Brand new for 2024! "Songwriting Basics” Zoom Mini-Clinic

This “mini-clinic” is a brand new team-building experience for your choir! With your choice of Anita Cracauer or Scott Alan as instructor, your students will learn the basics of how to write a song! In a short amount of time (you choose the length from 45-90 minutes), Anita or Scott will lead the choir through the process of brainstorming a hook and singing it to life — then depending on the amount of time, using that hook to craft an entire chorus! Students will discover how easy it is to use these techniques to jump-start their own songwriting - maybe discovering abilities they never knew they had - and hearing and encouraging each other’s ideas will be a great bonding experience (just watch how those kids in the video show their love for each other’s ideas!). If your students enjoy their first mini-clinic, why not schedule a recurring session over the course of a school year and write a whole song together in small chunks! Or, encourage those who want more songwriting tips to register for the free Virtual Songwriting Workshop held from January-March over Discord. This clinic is held over Zoom, and your students can either be together in-person, or if you’re having a virtual school day or camp, this clinic will still be just as effective as a distance-learning activity.

You can find out more about Scott on his website!

Contact Anita for more information!