This show takes us to a dystopian future scenario where the world is desolate and bleak and day-to-day survival is extremely hard (Get Out Alive). There seems to be no escape from the pain, until a 'salesman' appears with a new invention that brings the user into a virtual reality paradise (Let Me Show You). The people are sold, and revel at the wonder of the virtual world (Oasis). The illusion all comes crashing down when the people realize that they have become prisoners in the virtual reality (Illusion of Life). Fortunately, there was a skeptic who refused to join the crowd and who now realizes it's up to them to rescue the others (Rescue). The others call out for help and are rescued from the virtual world, realizing that escaping their problems was never the solution, and become determined to make the real world a better place (Dream With Open Eyes).

Running Time: 15:36

All complete shows include a 10% discount off of the total price!

Get Out Alive $295
Let Me Show You $195
Oasis $250
Illusion of Life $295
Rescue $295
Dream With Open Eyes $250
Discount $160
Total $1420
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